Youth Education & Development

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 Recruits and trains volunteers to provide a broad range of services to youth and families throughout the greater East St. Louis community. Volunteers from the AmeriCorps Program provide Educational Advocacy Services, Tutoring, Computer Technology Training, and other support to youth in District 189 and to a broad range of faith-based and public after-school programs throughout St. Clair and Madison Counties. AmeriCorps volunteers also operate the Neighborhood House Food Pantry which services more than 5,000 people every month and provides support services to Homeless Men and Women in the greater East St. Louis community. The volunteers work in more than 50 different sites and serve more than 2,500 children, youth and adults.

Funded by the Illinois Department of Human Services. Located at the Trinity Outreach Center.  



 This program is designed to provide educational support services to “at-risk” children, youth and their parents in an effort to improve overall school performance. Services include counseling, case management, advocacy, life skills, home-based services, after-school programming, family assistance services, and transportation services.  Click Here



Provides administration and coordination of services located in housing projects of the St. Clair County Housing Authority’s buildings for year-round programming including tutoring, arts and crafts, and Boy Scouts. 

Funded by the St. Clair County Housing Authority and the United Methodist Church. Located at the Ernest Smith Family Resource Center and Private Mathison Manner.