Illinois Youth Investment Program

Illinois Youth Investment Program

The Illinois Youth Investment Program (IYIP) is a multi-faceted approach to youth employment that invests in the future of Illinois’ at-risk transition-age youth (16-24). This approach to youth employment accounts for the youth’s employment barriers as well as the physical, emotional, social, and mental health needs while helping them to secure and sustain long-term and/or career employment thereby ensuring a greater likelihood of success and self-sufficiency.

Lessie Bates Davis Neighborhood House focuses on two of the four categories identified by The Department. Both Category 1 (Short-term, Summer Employment) and Category 3 (Career Development – Industry-linked Long-term Employment
(Registered Apprenticeship; Non-Registered Apprenticeship; and Recognized Postsecondary Credentials (Industry-Linked Credentials, Certifications, or Licenses) is designed to take into account various stages of a youth’s employment readiness and employment needs.

Category 1 is designed to target those youth who are interested in short-term Summer employment with a goal of developing workplace skills and gaining employment experience while exploring potential Career Pathways. Community-based providers will partner with local employers in need of Summer workers. Youth targeted in this category will be placed in age-appropriate, ability-appropriate, and experience-appropriate Work-Based Learning Opportunities, Career Development Experience Opportunities or Pre-Apprenticeship programs targeting a Registered or Non-Registered Apprenticeship. This may be accomplished by placing and supporting youth in unsubsidized employment, or through an agreement with the employer to fully or partially subsidize the youth’s wages for a period not to exceed 3 months (13 weeks).
This multi-faceted approach will allow applicants to consider programming and services best suited to meet the needs of youth.

Category 3 is designed to target those youth who are ready to focus on an identified career path, sector, or industry. Community-based providers will develop partnerships with established employer and/or Industry Association training programs to identify, refer and support youth participants in these programs that meet the skill needs of local employers and industry. These training programs will provide immediate job placement opportunities for the youth upon completion. Within three months of enrollment into the program, youth will be placed in age-appropriate, ability-appropriate, and experience-appropriate career development training programs in a youth’s identified area of interest that is linked to one of the seventeen career clusters. This will be accomplished by recruiting, referring and supporting youth in these established training programs. With limited exceptions, these will be full time employment positions. Fully or partially subsidized wages may be paid by the grant for youth participating in Apprenticeships and credentialing programs for a total period not to exceed 12 months (52 weeks).


  • Construction

  • Healthcare

  • Information Technology

  • Cosmetology

  • Transportation


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